Séminaire CeRVIM : Sy Nguyen, 18 novembre 2022

Séminaire CeRVIM : A Hybrid Approach for the Motion Control of Kinematically Redundant Hybrid Parallel Robots

Sy Nguyen
Laboratoire de robotique
Dép. de génie mécanique, Université Laval

Vendredi, le 18 novembre 2022, 12h
Local PLT-3370

Classical methods for the motion control of robots are based on the dynamic model of the robot. The dynamics and the errors can then be examined either in the joint coordinates or in the task coordinates. Each of these two approaches has advantages and drawbacks, and this results in two versions of several control techniques such as PD+Gravity Compensation or Computed-Torque. The hybrid method that combines both approaches to control Kinematically Redundant Hybrid Parallel Robots is introduced in this presentation. In short, the two approaches are applied to different parts of the robot and the control signal is then determined based on their combination. In addition to improving the position control performance, this method reduces the modeling process. The robot is divided into two main components and each component is modeled separately. Furthermore, the position and orientation of the robot are considered in the Cartesian space, which is more obvious and easier to work with. Several demo videos are shown to demonstrate the performance of this control method. Extended works for force-related control are discussed.

La présentation sera donnée en anglais et les diapos seront en anglais.