CeRVIM-IID-ICRA-2024 Seminars: Norlab students, April 19, 2024

CeRVIM-IID-ICRA-2024 Seminars: Norlab students, Université Laval
Dry-run for the ICRA 2024 conference

Full Program (with presentation abstracts)

Friday, April 19, 2024, 2:00-4:00 p.m., PLT-2501

Program Summary:

Saturation-Aware Angular Velocity Estimation: Extending the Robustness of SLAM to Aggressive Motions
Simon-Pierre Deschênes, 3e cycle

DRIVE: Data-driven Robot Input Vector Exploration
Dominic Baril, 3e cycle

Field Report on a Wearable and Versatile Solution for Field Acquisition and Exploration
Olivier Gamache, 3e cycle

Comparing Motion Distortion Between Vehicle Field Deployments
Nicolas Samson, 2e cycle

The presentation will be given in English and the slides will be in English.